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Need a car inspection?
Need a car inspection?
General mechanic2021-01-29T16:42:17+00:00

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General mechanic

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Need a car inspection?

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Does Silvermotive service all vehicle makes & models?2022-06-29T00:56:30+00:00

We sure do! We have a long list of suppliers giving us access to genuine parts from all major manufacturers as well as numerous aftermarket parts suppliers to help us get you on the road.

What’s involved in a Silvermotive service on my vehicle?2022-06-29T00:56:28+00:00

Our fully qualified technicians have an extensive service checklist involving a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s motor, transmission, differentials, suspension, electrical, lighting, brakes, wheels & tyres. Once the service is complete, our team will run you through what was done as well as any recommendations for future maintenance to keep your vehicle in top shape.

How long will a service take on my vehicle?2022-06-29T00:56:23+00:00

Most services can be completed within just a few hours! If any further work is required on your vehicle we are on the phone to you giving you updates on progress.

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